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Fresh Green Beans

Vendor Applicant Information & Rules

2024 Application for Vendors & Guest Vendors
June 9th- October 6th, 2024

11 am - 2 pm

The Gilmanton Community Farmers Market ASSOCIATION (GCFM) is a nonprofit organization that supports the local area agricultural and small business entities. Our mission is to make self-sustaining, responsibly grown and crafted agricultural items more easily accessible to our community through a farmers market, while providing a safe and fun community environment for Gilmanton and the state of NH, as a whole.


Description/SETUP: The Gilmanton Year Round Library provides the space for our market. The vendors are located on the field area of the property. The market is open Sunday’s 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., June 9th through October 6th 2024. The vendors are responsible for setting up no later than 10:30 a.m. (any vendor arriving late may be asked to leave) and, taken down by 3:00 p.m. Vendors are allowed a 10x10 space and are required to have a tent, tent weights (this is required and GCFM will not be held responsible for any damage an improperly weighted tent may cause), table and chair.


2024 Market Fees: Non-refundable fees

Fees for existing Vendors:

$150 full season (18 weeks)

$80 for Half Season: (9 weeks) We have two options for half season

Half # 1: starts June 9th and every other Sunday thereafter

Half #2: Starts June 16th and every other Sunday thereafter


Start date slots are based on first come first serve and competition guidelines. 


$20 Fee for Agricultural Guest Vendor

Please specify weeks of attendance. There are no refunds.


$20 Fee for Craft Vendors for Craft Fair Weekends only:

Christmas in July market on 7/21


Insurance: All vendors MUST have liability insurance. Email: for questions. You will not be allowed to set up without resolving insurance requirement.


Communication: It is critical to the success of the market that all vendors attend every assigned market date unless otherwise indicated. Vendors are required to notify the board if an emergency arises and are unable to attend a scheduled Sunday. A waiting list is used in an effort to fill empty spots. Communication is mandatory. Call or text Sabrina Hufschmid at 603-491-1687 Vendors are required to communicate, show up, set up on time, and break down after market close, if requirements are not met, vendors will be discharged from the market. There are no refunds. See By Laws and Rules of the GCFM. COMMUNICATION OF ATTENDANCE CONFLICTS MUST BE MADE BY PHONE.


Vendor Type: We are looking for humane and environmentally conscious vendors, specifically produce, corn, cheese, baked goods, gluten free products, meat, poultry, dairy & milk, and locally made goods such as soaps, oils, crafts, maple syrup and honey.


Homestead Rule: All food vendors are required to follow the Homestead Operational Guidelines for labeling and selling homemade and prepared goods. Any vendor that does not follow these rules will be asked to leave the market. Please be sure your items are properly labeled and if you have questions, contact DHHS.


Nonprofits/Farms: Nonprofit, and community organizations are invited to fundraise, showcase their offerings, perform demonstrations and farms are invited to demonstrate. No charge to nonprofits or demonstrating farms.


Adopted January 2021

The following rules are adopted by a majority vote of the membership present at any regularly scheduled meeting of the GCFM:

  1. The market is open to all NH vendors with first priority given to vendors within a 45 mi locale.

  2. “Native, Our Own and Local” will be defined as in RSA 426:5.

  3. All products sold must have been grown or produced in New Hampshire. Any agricultural product which is not grown or produced by the seller must be labeled as to who did grow or produce it.

  4. Pricing/Labeling: A member selling to the public will prominently display their prices. Products will be labeled and sold in accordance with applicable state law.

  5. To protect the integrity and reputation of the Gilmanton Community Farmers Market, it is a goal that 75% of the vendors by number shall be NH agricultural-based producers. NH agricultural-based products include but are not limited to: agricultural crafts, baked goods, dairy, eggs, fiber goods & crafts, flowers, fresh fruits & berries, herbs, honey, jams & jellies, potted plants, poultry & meat products, processed foods, seeds, syrup, vegetables, and wood crafts & products.  No direct sales/franchise companies please.

  6. Vendor Parking: Once unloaded, vendor parking is located behind the library, or across the street, at the school.

  7. Space Layout: The market space allotment plan will be considered permanent throughout the market season, unless absences require a consolidation of the market. Changes will be made upon agreement of the involved members and the Board of Directors at the market.

  8. Insurance: Vendors will not be able to vend if there is no updated proof of insurance or a liability waiver on file.

  9. Attendance: The Board needs to be notified by Thursday before 6 pm if the vendor is not planning on attending the Sunday Market @ 603-491-1687. Vendors who arrive late and not able to set up by 10:30 am will not be permitted to the market. Close of the market is 2 pm, vendors are NOT permitted to break down earlier for any reason.

  10. Issues/Concerns: Any issues or concerns regarding the farmer’s market, staff, vendors, potential vendors etc. must be addressed in writing to the board of directors unless it is of immediate need due to the health and safety of any person(s). The board will respond within 7 days of receipt of the concern. If immediate reply is required, please indicate in writing. Any issues, concerns, must not be addressed to the board of directors, other than in writing, at any time. Vendors who express issues, concerns at the Sunday market will be subject to disciplinary action which may include temporary suspension or permanent discharge from the market without refund of fees.

  11. All vendors are responsible for complying with State and Federal regulations. Contact the NH Department of Agriculture, DHHS, markets and foods with any questions regarding regulations.

  12. Scale certification: Anyone selling products by weight must have a scale that is legal for trade and certified by the Division of Weights and Measures, NH Dept. of Agriculture. Please be informed that we may be visited by the New Hampshire Dept. of Agriculture, Dept. of Health and Human Services and/or the Division of Weights and Measures at any time.

  13. Non-profit organizations are invited to reserve a spot for a fund/awareness raising table, on one or more Sundays. There is no fee. These spots are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. No political party organizations are allowed. Call Sabrina Hufschmid at 603-491-1687.

  14. Selling/Leafleting: Please conduct all your business transactions at your booth. No advertisement beyond your booth. Please no posting of political signs.

  15. Building and Grounds Rules for the Gilmanton Year Round Library (GYRL): No smoking or alcohol consumption on the property. There is a porto potty on site for vendors and patrons.

  16. Cancellation Policy: We ask that vendors make every effort not to miss an assigned/scheduled market. Please consider finding someone to run your stand in your absence. If you have an emergency on the day of the market please call Sabrina Hufschmid at 603-491-1687. If you do not notify the market of your absence, you will not be invited back to the market.

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